If you are like me you are busy…. and that is Busy with a capital B.  It seems that everyone is… regardless of what phase of life we are in.  Everyone I can think of… from young students to retired Grandparents are busy, busy, busy.  One priority that keeps me super busy is trying to show up for my family and friends, whenever and wherever possible.  Perhaps the fact that I was not able to have children influences my commitment, but showing up for family is HUGE for me.  Being the “driver” personality I am I just “may” overcompensate. 😉  My family loves me and puts up with me anyway.

I decided to start this travel blog “Anywhere We Wander” eleven months ago.  I have started the Instagram page and stories, the Facebook page and the website… but I have yet to write my first blog.  My goal of the blog was to curate highlights from various destinations around the world.  When we travel and I am researching destinations, I am always looking for those things to do and food experiences “not to miss.”  I love TripAdvisor for certain things, but it is a LOT of information and does not always curate the top experiences very well.  So the blog is going to focus on our picks for Top Five.  Top five things to do, top five eating experiences, top five tips… you get the picture.  That way, even if your time in a certain location is limited, it can be a resource helping you hone your own list.  After all, it is what I am always looking for when I am researching.  We will also have guest bloggers, with a range of likes and dislikes, so that you have a few different lists to compare.

I had decided that since I moved to England with my family at age 6, London should be my first blog post.  After all, it was only fitting as my first international destination that started a lifelong passion for travel.  More recently I decided that my first blog should be more of the “About Us” to kick things off.

Yet, here I am, writing my first blog about “busy-ness.”  Scott and I just returned from a fantastic 23 day grand tour in Europe and were home less than a week before it was time to head to the East Coast to celebrate his parents 70th wedding anniversary.  Yes 70…. the big 7-0!!!   At almost 93 years old and almost 92 years old we need to celebrate them whenever we can!  Since the east coast is synonymous with “fishing in Maine” for Scott that was of course added to the agenda.  Early June is fly-season in the woods of Maine (black flies, mosquitos, you name it) which happen to love me.  I, however, do not return the affection.  So, I decided to opt-out of “the guys and the flies” fishing fun and have my own adventure.  I was, however, too “busy” to plan it.  People kept asking what I was going to do and I kept saying I had not figured it out yet.  I knew I would land in Manchester, New Hampshire (as we have the Southwest Airlines companion pass) but I had not decided where I would go from there.  The day got closer and closer and I still had not decided.  The night before we were flying I rented a car.  While we were sitting in the airport that morning I decided I would start at Cape Cod and see what that was all about so I made a reservation for two nights.  Perhaps even funnier is that I did not realize that Cape Cod was not, in fact, a town until I arrived at my hotel and a friend asked me which town I was staying in.  It did not take me long to realize that this beautiful slice of  beachy Americana would take longer than two days to enjoy, so I have settled in for the duration.  I am not sure what I expected, but it is actually quite amazing here.  More importantly, enjoying this unplanned, solo adventure without a schedule is a respite that I did not even know I needed.

So back to busy-ness.  We all have our own forms of Busy.  What this adventure is teaching me is that no matter how aligned our Busy is with our Purpose we sometimes need the time and space to just be with ourselves in a new environment that removes the noise and lets us truly rest.  I absolutely love sharing my journeys with Scott.  I also love the camaraderie and fun of sharing adventures with family and friends.  It never occurred to me that I was missing anything as I go about scheduling my “Busy” and wandering the world. There is certainly a place for quiet discovery, unplanned adventures and simple relaxation. Thank you Cape Cod for the reminder.

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